Jan 27, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Six

By far our most insane day yet (you’ll see from the behind the scenes videos). We really let loose and it was by far one of the most enjoyable days yet. Smashing things up in the name of art…always hard work. Playing out absurdly hilarious scenes (anyone want to buy a handmade T-Rex replica?)…even harder work.
We have the best job in the world. Even the more dramatic, emotionally draining scenes are fun to do. I find myself in an incredibly lucky position, in which I’m surrounded by people who not only want to be involved in all our creative endeavours but consistently try their best to help out and improve any aspect of the production they can be a part of.
This weekend we also welcomed back Dan Turner (cameraman on Tom Bridger’s ‘Dad’ and Shaun Woodgates ‘Heartless House’) to camera duties. Our usual camera jockey Liam Gilroy was away from the area for the weekend to shoot a music video so Dan picked up the slack. Much appreciated.
We took our time with shooting the micro-scenes and enjoyed every step of the way. Another nice reminder of why we do this thing so regularly. It was the bits between the scenes which were the best though. But you’ll have to wait until (most likely tomorrow) next week’s behind the scenes video…

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