Jan 26, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Five

Essentially a catchup day, our fifth day of filming was a series of short (but important nonetheless) shots, and a couple of micro-scenes in which we turned a seminar room into a waiting room (a nice little nod to the short film on which myself and Actor/Producer Tom Bridger met). We were a couple of shots behind from the weekend before so we caught up on those, whilst carrying on with the rest of the planned filming.
Most notably, filming with James Henry (or Grandad as I call him). His first acting role since our third feature ‘I WORK’. After a few health concerns in December it was a welcomed return to form getting him in front of camera and making him read some absurd newspaper headlines. We all enjoyed the day. The only problems we had (which meant we didn’t have time to do any improvised moments, annoyingly) were sound based. As we’d chosen a bottom floor room on a busy campus, we had the banging of doors, sound of loud lecturers and general sounds of passers-by. Bad timing, but we pushed forward and got everything shot that we needed.
Now that we’ve got the majority of the heavier scenes in the film out of the way we’ve been able to enjoy the smaller scenes which will add levity to a film with fairly heavy themes. These scenes are us at our best, and as a result these parts of the shoot simply fly by as they are a pure joy to be a part of.
For those who missed it, here’s the first Behind the Scenes Video from the shoot:

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