Jan 28, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Seven

Our seventh day (we don’t have days of rest), saw us welcoming Bethan Williams to the madness. We’d worked together on a short film for a competition, but this was the first time we’d got stuck in to some ‘proper scenes’, namely one scene which will stand out in the film as one of the most bizarre things we’ve ever shot.
Like a true trooper Bethan got stuck in and pulled stupid faces for our amusement (the best way to get in with the Quandary Productions team), but did so in such a brilliantly deadpan way as to make it near-impossible for me to act beside her. Myself and Tom have developed an annoying habit of writing agonisingly stupid moments in our films that we know will be absurdly hilarious, but unfortunately are almost impossible to film because either one or all the actors involved won’t be able to stop themselves from corpsing during them. At one point we had decided to ad-lib something on the end of a relatively straightforward micro-scene, but it was too much for me to handle and we simply had to move on.
It’s hard to discuss much of what happened in the scenes without giving away spoilers, so instead, here’s the Behind the Scenes video of Week Two for you to marvel at….(yes, we’re at breaking point insanity). Prepare yourselves.

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