Jun 6, 2015

‘SPECTRUM’ Pre-Production – Week Six

It’s been over a fortnight since I last reported to you (Week Five of Pre-Production was a smaller team as some of us were needed elsewhere), but fear not, I am back to share with you our shenanigans. So, what has happened? Well, ‘SPECTRUM’ came to the end of its crowdfunding campaign, and despite not reaching the full target; our wonderful supporters pledged over two thousand pounds, meaning we are still able to make, what we expect to be, an excellent film worth sharing.
After a brief break from pre-production (due to the director’s other duties) Michael Henry was joined by producer James Jackson, and a dozen Lincoln film students. Brandon Wilson and Callum Emms were once again designing in-film digital props. This included producing intro sequences for propaganda videos, and in-film club posters. Across the other side of the room we had Kirsty Cheetham busy working away on labels for the emotion vials, and more propaganda posters. Robyn Fuller of the props team has been more hands-on, putting the finishing touches on the personality implant helmets and creating ‘Spectrum’ credit cards for in the film.
As ‘Spectrum’ is a huge corporation, like many real-life corporations, they want to be able to regulate what is happening in the world and ensure that the public remains in favour of them. How do ‘Spectrum’ plan to do this? By having their very own television channels of course. A news channel and a shopping channel to be precise. A group comprising of six people including Morgan Mellor, Dan Davis and Stuart Riley, were assigned with the production of said channels – designing the sets and scripting news reports and presenter dialogue, as well as commercial programming. A very different, unexpected thing to be working on for the film.
The behind the scenes team consisted of myself, Chloe Bond, Paulina Misarko and Lauren Key (who also helped with the TV production duties). During this session, the team asked questions to the film students being provided with work by Quandary Productions, about their time during the work experience. Covering the importance of teamwork and what skills the students have learnt along the way. The students’ answers will be included in the next behind the scenes video, which you will be able to find on YouTube from Monday.
Something else you should look out for is a HUGE announcement coming from director, Michael Henry. Do not miss this announcement. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open. Come back next week to read about our final week of work experience on pre-production of ‘SPECTRUM’ before the team begin production.
by Declan Godfrey
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