Jun 8, 2015

The end of ‘SPECTRUM’ and the start of ‘MUTE’

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to tell you all some bad news – ‘SPECTRUM’ is no longer going to be made. We tried everything we could but scheduling simply became impossible and it reached a point where we could either get in less experienced actors to film the days we did have set, and risk making a sub-par film (obviously not), or push production back a year and potentially not get it made again (also not an option – as if I can wait a year to make another feature film), or…we could make something different!
So, instead of giving up, I decided to do something better. Luckily I always have the next film lined up so we can move from the end of one, in to the creation of another, and I had already started on our next film because I was so excited about it! I can now officially reveal we are going to be shooting ‘MUTE’ this July instead of ‘SPECTRUM’. Originally planned to be our 7th feature next year (and part of the same world created in ‘SPECTRUM’), we will be using the same locations, props, characters and lead actors that we have secured for ‘SPECTRUM’. For those unfamiliar with ‘MUTE’ here’s the synopsis:
Verbal communication has been outlawed in an attempt to stop people speaking out against the majority. A voyeuristic cinéaste falls in love with an underground spoken word artist. As they find themselves unable to talk to one another, they start to make small films and write letters to one another. As the poet speaks out against the oppressive majority, their life becomes in danger. Will they be able to save each other in time?
We’re keeping the same backbone structure as planned for ‘SPECTRUM’, the only thing that has now been altered is the concept of the film (near dialogue-free throughout), and cut all characters and locations that were becoming an issue, which means it’ll now be achievable to shoot another feature film this year. We’re basically merging the ideas of ‘SPECTRUM’ and ‘MUTE’, making a higher concept (no dialogue) film on a smaller scale.
Now, to address those who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign – we will be messaging you today, and you have the option to ‘opt out’ and receive a refund if you do not wish to see this film made instead of ‘SPECTRUM’, but hopefully we still have your continued support, to make a film with a more original concept, in the same tone, and the with same cast and crew.
In less ‘BIG’ news, we also had a little play around with some of our new equipment (to be used during the production of ‘MUTE’) – the DJI Ronin-M and Panasonic GH4 during a test shoot. Below are the results (available in 4k):
We’ll keep you posted with more updates as they come in over the next few weeks. Production on ‘MUTE’ starts Friday June 27th (with some in-film videos being shot June 18th/19th)