Jun 3, 2015

Can Quandary Productions Help You?

Quandary Productions are a selfless bunch. Just look at all we do free of charge:

– Offer advice

Whether you have a quick question or are looking for a long, intricate answer regarding low-to-no budget filmmaking, acting, or anything technical, feel free to send us an email at – contact@quandaryproductions.com and we’ll happily respond as soon as possible, and if we don’t have the answer, we’ll find someone who does!

– Promote your film (or project) using social media and our mailing list

We’ve been networking and building a loyal fanbase for five years now. If you’ve recently made a film which needs promoting, let us know, and we’ll spread the word.

– Back your crowdfunding campaign

If you have a great campaign that we believe deserves to get made, we’ll join the funding mayhem.

– Promote your Crowdfunding campaign

As well as financially backing your project, we’ll spread the word through social media sites, and our mailing list.

– Help you make contact with actors or crew.

We can be the go-between for you. When you’re starting out, it’s hard to find people to help you make your film, so we’ll help you however we can. Just let us know what you’re looking for.

– Charity support

If you aren’t a filmmaker, actor, musician, comedian, or artist, and simply believe your cause is something we might be interested in supporting, then drop us a line. 10% of all Quandary Productions annual profits are donated to charities which Quandary Productions members have chosen from around the globe.
All we ask in return is that you support us, whether it be purchasing a DVD or digital copy of our latest release, or by spreading the word about us and the scheme.



‘Working with Quandary Productions has been fantastic. I can honestly say I don’t think my script would have had half as strong a story without Michael’s razor-sharp notes. They know their stuff, believe me.’

– Matt Eckholm (Director of ‘Izzie Midnight’)

‘Michael Henry helped me out by spreading the word about my budget production and helping me online with social media. Love the support!’

– Indianna Wren (‘Omega’ Film)

‘At Deadly Serious Productions we were astonished to learn that Michael Henry had selected our film ‘ZEUS’ to be screened at the premiere of Quandary Productions’ second feature film ‘Restless Dust’. Our film is arty and weird and disgusting – so not the obvious choice to accompany a serious, realistic drama. But Michael Henry thinks outside the box and he unleashed ‘ZEUS’ on an unsuspecting audience (the best type of audience), and for better or for worse, the people in that room were exposed to something so drastically outside of their everyday continuum of experience that their narrow perceptions of things like space, time and reality were probably shattered (and shat upon). That’s how awesome Michael Henry and Quandary Productions are.’

– Andy Howlett (Deadly Serious Productions)

‘People like Michael Henry and Quandary Productions were instrumental in getting our feature film “After the Wedding” made. Michael’s passion for film, and his pure generosity and support for other filmmakers make him a wonderful example of what the independent film community is at its best. I hope others take note. We are lucky to have met him and look forward to seeing what’s next for Quandary Productions!’

– Claudia Cifuentes (Filmmaker, Pink Forest Films)