Jan 23, 2015

Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson was born in Chicago on January 11th, 1992. He began taking photographs at the age of nineteen after finding interest in nearby abandoned houses. His work is mostly composed of surreal and bizarre self portraits, often taking place in empty forests and abandoned homes. He has no formal education in photography.
It’s Kyle’s inventiveness that made us choose him as Quandary Productions’ Artist of the Month. Like everyone when they first start out, he had little money to splash out on effects and took to using household items, like clamping two desk lights to a chair and using a fog machine to make it appear like car headlights, or flour to make incredible images, like the one below.
Kyle’s unique self-portraits were captured with a Canon 60D, a 50mm 1.8 lens, a tripod, and a timer (same equipment as Quandary Productions, but he makes it looks like a million dollars every time he picks up a camera). He is now living his dream as a photographer. His work can be seen in multiple magazines.
For more of Kyle’s work visit his site www.kylethompsonpotography.com

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