Feb 28, 2015

Rob Parrish

Rob Parrish downloads all sorts of stock footage from Archive.org and re-cuts it and overdubs his own voiceovers with sublime results. Season 2 features live action footage. There are 100+ episodes – so get watching!
“A town intentionally burns itself to the ground. A man wakes up to discover that he has turned into a lion. A dead gangster explores his hell – A New Jersey men’s room. Like the Twilight Zone, the web series Next To Heaven takes its viewers on a bizarre journey into the unknown each week. Instalments can be funny, tragic or surreal (sometimes all three!). The series is a combination of unusual remixes of vintage films from the Internet Archive and live action short films made especially for the series”
To see more of Next To Heaven, please visit http://www.nexttoheaven.net/

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