Dec 15, 2014

Filming our new Web Series – Final Weekend

And so it ends…yesterday we completed the final scenes of the final episode, of our new Web Series ‘This is Good’. It was a full day of shooting, roughly 9am-9pm, and was exhausting. After five months of shooting off and on, we’re pleased to have it all completed now. That shouldn’t suggest we’re sick of filming, (at all) it’s just for a short while we were worried we’d never see the end of it, thanks to numerous scheduling conflicts. But thankfully we finally managed one day in which the majority of the cast were available to get in one room together, and do some funnies.
Out of necessity we had to shoot a couple of separate shots, and one scene on the Thursday which will be matched up in the episode. It presented an interesting challenge of how to make one room over two full days look like it was the same time of day. We had to cardboard up windows, and be precise with lighting so it would match from day to day (pretty sure we nailed it).
So what were the highlights? Well working with Liam Gilroy again was definitely up there. I had to leave the room at one point as I was ruining every take by laughing in the background. The scene in which I ended up drinking a pint of coffee was also…terrible, actually (I felt awful). The moments that stand out the most though, are the ones making it in to the episode, and I won’t be ruining those for you. You’ll just have to watch the series when we release it in February next year.
Special thanks, again, goes out to CJ at The Angel Coffee House, Nikki Mclusky, Shaun Woodgates, Jonny Gillard, Bethaney Anna Parrott, Bethan Williams, Joel Dunn, Stuart Almond, Liam Gilroy, Lewis Troughton and Charles Cromwell, any extras who have helped out along the way, and of course to the big man himself, Tom Bridger, for bringing us all together to create, what I consider to be, the funniest project we’ve all been a part of.

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