Dec 10, 2014

Untitled – Independent Film Night – December

Last night Quandary Productions ran the last ‘UNTITLED: Independent Film Night’ of the year, at Angel Coffee House, Lincoln. The night was a chance for low-to-no budget short films, and web series, to be showcased to fresh audiences. When first starting out as a filmmaker it can be hard to get your work shown. This is something we appreciate and wish to remedy within the local area. The night consisted of several short films and episodes from a web series (of varying style and genre) from around the world.
After a five minute clip from ‘TIME AND PLACE’, the films shown were as follows:
1. Disguise Me by Clay Garden – Arcadia Film
2. John & Me – Only John Forgives – Deadly Serious Productions
3. I Know Ninjas – ShortOrme Productions
4. Mike Gatting – Lucy Bridger
5. Good Old PG Tips – Jamie H Scrutton
6. Our Old Cove – Aram Atkinson
7. Break-Ups (‘TJ & Katie’) – Ted Tremper
8. High Maintenance (‘Dinah’) – Janky Clown Productions
9. Away in a Stranger – Little Balloon
We will be hosting another short film night in January (date TBC). We’re very grateful to those who let us show their films and look forward to bringing more of their work to new audiences. Special thanks to all that attended the evening and especially to CJ Jago at Angel Coffee House for letting us use the venue. For those unfamiliar with Angel Coffee House, please check out their promotional video below.
 And, to get you in the mood for Christmas, check out our favourite of the night – ‘Away in a Stranger’, from our friends over at ‘Little Balloon’
If you’re interested in having your film shown at ‘UNTITLED’, please email your submission to: contact@quandaryproductions.com

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