Feb 4, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Ten

Freezing cold. Uncomfortable. A reminder of why you should never film outdoors. Day Ten should’ve been a miserable day but we actually still enjoyed it (thanks to the usual behind the scenes madness). The sun kept hiding itself behind clouds, then popping out now and again all day, so we had to keep stopping and starting. Added to this the wind was really strong, and though we had radio mics to combat this, the combination of wind and unreliable light meant we had to give in.
After two hours we made the decision to film the scene as an interior instead and headed back to my grandparents. It made no huge difference to the scene, except it was a lot more comfortable for us to actually shoot. We pushed through the scene (a particularly tough emotional scene) and then had to head back out to the field for a few smaller shots (the clouds had disappeared and sound was less important as they weren’t dialogue-heavy moments). This time however we were running out of light. I’d decided when writing the script that some shots would have to be shot during the golden hour (sunrise/sunset) to give a certain look and feel. The shots do look great as a result. It was just a bit of a mad rush and we were colder than ever as the sun had gone to sleep.
As I mentioned before we had managed to get the scenes done regardless of problems we had no control over, and we left in high spirits.
So (brace yourself – it’s quite unsettling) here’s the Behind the Scenes Video for Week Three:

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