Feb 3, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Nine

First of all we need to thank my grandparents for letting us film in their bungalow (an important location for a big chunk of the film). This weekend we began filming out in the sticks, to cover the middle third of the film. We shot the first of Tom’s scenes, and all went well. It was a fairly light scene which allowed a few moments of ad-libbing. It was a reminder of why I enjoy acting alongside Tom. I feel like we’ve worked together so many times now, we operate in shorthand. He knows how I want the part played, and requires little direction (employ him!).
After the first scene it was time to do a series of simple shots, which we comfortably made our way through. The weather seemed to be clear outside for most of the day (if not a little brisk), so it looked like we would be fine to shoot our exterior shots the following day.
If you’ve been following our behind the scenes exploits through the videos you’ll be well aware we’re going a little insane as we continue to film. I can assure you the behind the scenes video for week three will be as manic and surreal as the previous (should arrive Wednesday for you to enjoy/endure).
Here’s the Behind the Scenes video for Week Two, in case you missed it:

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