Jan 23, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Four

Charles Cromwell – the enigma who played ‘ENIGMA’ in our last feature film ‘NARCISSIST’, delivered his best performance yet, on Day Four. Full of scorn and regret, he really took the role and amplified it past what I’d expected it would be. It was a joy to watch and will no doubt be a standout scene of the film.
Unfortunately, we only managed to film half of what we had hoped during the day, but decided as we were all flexible about it all (we live round the corner from one another and meet up once a week for production meetings anyway), we could film the smaller parts another time. The central scene was what really mattered, as it leads to the climax of the film. Taking our time with it and enjoying the experience rather than rushing ahead was definitely the right move.
Only minor problems we had throughout the day were, when we attempted to film outside, a man parked his car right in frame and started to give it a wash (it was obvious what we were doing, but he did it anyway). Once we’d decided to postpone the outdoor shoot for a time when the entire street weren’t going to be active, the indoor problems were Chas’ rogue cat which wouldn’t leave us alone, and a few noisy neighbours speaking really loud (Chas sorted that though).
All in all, another great day. It’s all coming together nicely.


Here’s the first Behind the Scenes Video (courtesy of Tom Bridger):

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