Sep 11, 2014

Filming our new Web Series – Weekend Three

We have now shot 3 of 7 episodes for our new series ‘THIS IS GOOD’. And it’s still going incredibly. All performances are on top form, it looks great, it’s being handled well by Writer/Director Tom Bridger and in two months time we’ll be finished! More importantly, we’re enjoying every second of it.
The possibility of disruption looms always though. Tom’s been auditioning for more acting roles and Quandary Productions Services are in high demand over the coming months, so we are unbelievably busy. Will this stop us from finishing the web series, releasing our latest feature film ‘TIME AND PLACE’, and slow down future productions? Nope. We’re sacrificing sleep and social time to ensure we keep business afloat and keep making our creative projects. Don’t fear chums. We’re going nowhere. Still plenty for you to look forward to!
Our final shoot date for the series looks likely to be the first weekend of November, ‘TIME AND PLACE’ will be released the week before, and we’ll be gearing up for another Web Series start of next year, along with planning the sixth feature film – ‘SPECTRUM’ – which will start shooting Summer 2015.
Don’t forget this time next week (September 17th) we’re running UNTITLED: Independent Film Night at Angel Coffee House, Lincoln – a free night of short films from around the world, showcasing the best independent shorts to fresh audiences. When first starting out as a filmmaker it can be hard to get your work shown. This is something we wish to remedy within the local area. We are accepting submissions for October’s ‘UNTITLED’. Please contact us if you have a film you wish to submit.

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