Jul 19, 2014

Planning a Web Series vs Feature Film

As you may know, we’re gearing up to shoot our seven-episode web series ‘THIS IS GOOD’ over the coming months, with each episode focussing on a different character and their idea of happiness. The interlocking lives of multiple characters have made it difficult to organise though. We’ve shot comedy sketches, short and feature films before, so naturally we assumed that organising a web series in which we could shoot segments here and there over several months would be easy. Nope. As there are scenes told from up to three different points of view in different episodes, people travelling from round the country to be a part of the shoot, and then the busy schedules of those nearby to contend with, we’ve had a bit of a nightmare (don’t even get me started on the possible continuity problems ahead).
This week we shot a short film for Birmingham-based ‘Magic Cinema: Video Strolls’, as a warm up for the web series (we begin shooting in three weeks). Aside from a few minor audio disturbances thanks to traffic, the shoot was great fun, and a reminder of what we’ve got to look forward to as we set off to make our first web series. So far we’ve had to rewrite episodes and recast actors due to scheduling conflicts. The organisation may have become more of a burden than originally expected, but it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to cracking on with the actual shooting of our next project.
We plan to shoot August – December and release an episode a week at the start of 2015 (all this whilst editing ‘TIME AND PLACE’ and writing the sixth feature).

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