Feb 9, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Eleven

We’ve passed the half way point of the film now and it looks like the only major problem we could have with upcoming shoot dates is the weather. Our eleventh day was a bit of an odd one (even by our standards). We started off by shooting a quick few shots, which required Shaun Woodgates to cover his face in flour and lie face down in a field (he’s an incredibly dedicated chap so we knew we could rely on him). After laying, surrounded by several mounds of horse dung (and battling the extreme wind), we headed to Charles Cromwell’s house to finish off his remaining scenes.
The first of which was a short scene which we had to catch-up on as exterior noise (and an old man who wandered into shot to wash his car) was too much for us to continue recording two weeks previous. The old man made a return (seems he likes Tuesday as his car washing time) but held off for us this time. We did have to contend with a fair few sound problems again as cars, planes, children (you name it, we had it), decided to interrupt a one minute scene. As time went on we were starting to lose light so we had to rush a little. We got all we needed to though. And then came the big scene we were all looking forward to…
Charles Cromwell is a dedicated actor, with zero shame. Exactly what you want in an actor. Today was the day we got to film him taking a bath. Thankfully, he wore speedos for us, but that was still a little more than we wanted to see (still not sure why I wrote this scene in to the film). As one of the climactic scenes of the film we had to act all serious and pretend one of our friends wasn’t inches away, in his tight little speedos, taking a nice big bubble bath. The footage we shot is all looking great (some of the best shots of the film) and the performances (all stupidity aside) were some of the best. Another great day! Another great reminder of why we enjoying what we do!
For those who’ve not yet seen it, here’s the (unsettling) Behind the Scenes Video for Week Three:

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