Feb 6, 2013


It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on the progress of our latest feature film – ‘NARCISSIST’. So here it is:
I can confirm that the poster and Official Trailer will be released next week, that the third cut of the film is almost complete, and the only changes that remain to be made are a few minor audio tweaks, a couple of music tracks to be completed, and minor color correction alterations.
So will we be able to get the film done in time for the March 15th Festival de Cannes deadline? No doubt chums. Five weeks is more than long enough to make a few small changes.
When will the first public screening most likely take place, you ask? Around April 1st. Once we’ve sent screeners off to film festivals we’ll be batch producing ‘NARCISSIST’ DVDs, sending copies to those who contributed to our crowdfunding, and then we’ll be building up our promotional campaign for the Official April Release.
Check back soon for more…

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