Nov 12, 2012


HALF WAY THROUGH THE SHOOT! We’re on quite a roll too. Week Two turned out to be even better than the first! Leading up to the shoot I imagined this weekend would be the hardest due to the sheer amount of scenes we had to get through, and also as there was a huge, pivotal scene to shoot on the Sunday, involving several extras and a lot to plan. Disaster would surely strike.
I had originally given Charles Cromwell (see: ‘I WORK’) the challenge of writing and preparing a seminar which he had to deliver to a room full of gents. With very little planning (I assure you the improvised nature of 90% of the film is working extremely well. So much so that I’m beyond confident that ‘NARCISSIST’ is indeed the best thing we’ve ever done) he pretty much nailed it in single takes. Audience members chipped in and we managed to achieve some incredible results.
The usual insanity prevailed throughout the weekend, but I think we may have surpassed the previous week’s antics as we sang, danced, and behaved erratically between takes, to the point that Jack Nicholson even called up and told us we should calm down (imagine that).
Unfortunately I can’t reveal the quotes of the weekend as they are too vulgar (thanks Chas). But most importantly I need to say a huge thankyou, again to cast and crew, but particularly to Chas, who delivered another remarkable performance (that final scene is immense). Stuart Almond continues to up the visual stakes each week, and Tom Bridger keeps turning up despite me shouting “You’re not in it! Leave me alone!”

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