In Praise Of

Jan 9, 2017
The Kid

 #CinemaRevival THE KID by Charlie Chaplin   The brightest light of cinema – Charlie Chaplin is a name,…

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Jan 2, 2017
Sherlock Jr.

Welcome to #CinemaRevival – a weekly Online Cinema, hosting and showcasing some of the greatest films of all…

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#CinemaRevival Previously, we used to release “In Praise Of…” articles each month, with details of carefully-selected filmmakers…

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With those unfamiliar with how “In Praise Of…” works – each month I drop a new filmmaker…

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This month we bring you a French director, sadly overlooked by the masses despite his clear genius,…

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Dec 22, 2015
Top Ten of 2015

It’s been another strong year for independent film, music, and original TV production. As with every year,…

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Dec 3, 2015
Sidney Lumet

This month we bring you a director I consider to be one of the greatest of all…

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Nov 8, 2015
Andrew Dominik

New Zealand born, writer/director Andrew Dominik is something of an anomaly. Having made only three films –…

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As well as drawing your attention to overlooked filmmakers of the past, we also wish to point…

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