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mikeMichael Henry

Director / Producer / Writer / Cinematographer / Editor

Since founding Quandary Productions in 2009, Michael has worked on countless short films, viral adverts, created five feature films (with a sixth on the way), and won two National Television Society Awards – for comedy sketch show ‘Best Friends That Love Each Other’.

Working in all areas of production, Michael’s key focus is to make Quandary Productions a base which supports other artists from around the world, all year round, whilst amassing an acting troupe and create his own independent features every year.







Tom Bridger

Director / Writer / 1st AD

Tom Bridger has acted in all five Quandary Productions feature films. Michael and Tom met during the shoot of short comedy ‘The Waiting Room’. The two have formed a strong working relationship, collaborating on numerous projects. Tom has been in charge or running the Quandary Productions Actor Support Scheme for over three years now, helping countless other actors achieve their goals.

Tom has said, “I always feel privileged to work with the team. I’ve enjoyed every minute of each production. I’m constantly challenged, and working with Quandary, I’m given something special, in that my ideas aren’t just valued, but encouraged during each production. There’s an atmosphere of creativity, humour, and a real love of film at Quandary Productions.” Over the past year, Tom has written and directed his own Short Films, TV Pilots and a Web Series.







James Jackson

Producer / Script Supervisor 

‘Time and Place’ was my first experience of working with Quandary Productions. The attitude and passion they have towards filmmaking has been an amazing environment to work in. Inspiration is constant, and productivity gets the time and effort it deserves. It’s exactly where I want to be.” As well as helping out on set in various capacities, James contributed to Quandary Productions business work; helping to shoot promotional and live performance videos. Having gained useful experience at Quandary Productions, James went to work for DDF Post-Production, and then Evolutions TV, and came crawling back when offered the vital role of Producer on the latest feature film.








Sebastian Moody

Composer / Musician / Sound Design

Sebastian Moody graduated in Music Technology at De Montfort University 2009. Renowned for his unique experimental style, Sebastian can make music from anything for anything. He has been with Quandary Productions since the beginning, collaborating with Michael a total of eight times, and they are still going strong.

Sebastian consistently strives to improve his composition for film and believes that being a part of Quandary Productions allows him to do this. Each new production is exciting, inspiring, and something to look forward to.







Paul Johnson

Web Developer

Paul and Michael have been close friends for many years, and Paul’s help in creating and maintaining each iteration of the Quandary Productions website, as well as helping with online promotions, has been invaluable.








Jonny Gillard

Art Department / Poster Design

Jonny Gillard grew up around art, music, writers and weridos. Both his gran and his mother were painters, and he always liked drawing cartoons growing up. His work is driven by the theory that speed and simplicity are integral. Don’t use 10 colours when one will do. Don’t spend more than a few hours on a portrait. Don’t use hundreds of tools. “Occam’s Razor is a theory I admire”, he said, “If two equations give the same answer, use the shortest.”

Jonny’s key focus at Quandary Productions is on promotional imagery, creating particularly striking and unique hand-drawn images.





Lincoln Film Students

Over 30 local students have been offered roles in various stages of production