A  C  T  O  R  S


chas2Charles Cromwell

Charles has spent the last 18 years developing his skills as a character actor, touring the East Midlands with the renowned Lincoln Shakespeare Company Ltd; Indulgence Theatre Company, and many others. He has also performed on the London fringe in The Movement’s production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Charles has has received critical acclaim in many leading roles. Charles began his screen experience with a leading role in the award-winning short film, ‘The Lamb and Flag’, and has since made three full length feature films with Quandary Productions.As an experienced actor and director, Charles has been asked by choreographer Nikki Mclusky to take on the role of Artistic Director of FreeSpirit Dance Company, and as well appearing in several future Quandary Productions releases.







Tom Bridger

Tom Bridger has acted in all of Quandary Productions’ films, both short and feature length. Michael and Tom met during the shoot of short comedy ‘The Waiting Room’. The two have formed a strong working relationship, collaborating on numerous projects. Tom has been in charge or running the Quandary Productions Actor Support Scheme for over three years now, helping countless other actors achieve their goals.

Tom has said, “I always feel privileged to work with the team. I’ve enjoyed every minute of each production. I’m constantly challenged, and working with Quandary, I’m given something special, in that my ideas aren’t just valued, but encouraged during each production. There’s an atmosphere of creativity, humour, and a real love of film at Quandary Productions.” This year, Tom has written, directed and produced a number of short comedies, TV Pilots and a Web Series.







Liam Blundell

Liam is best known for the feature films ‘Time and Place’ (2014), and ‘Folklores Intimates’ (2014), as well as the short films ‘This Love’ (2013), ‘The Dying Art (2014) and ‘VoidEd’ (2014), the latter of which he also served as Producer.

He will be next seen in the leading role for upcoming Little Balloon production ‘The Yellow Sock’ (2015)  Liam began acting as a young boy in school productions and continued to study drama at college. He went on to study Filmmaking & Screenwriting at University. He is a part of the Little Balloon team, of which he affectionately refers to himself as the Fredo Corleone of the group.

Liam was lucky enough to be cast in a small but integral role in the last Quandary feature ‘Time and Place’ and worked so well with the team that he was asked to return again. An opportunity he jumped at.





nikkiNikki Mclusky

Nikki Mclusky is a professional dancer, actress and alternative model. She has been working in the industry since she was a child and professionally for 11 years. She has trained privately with an ex-bolshoi ballerina, and performed for crowds over 3000 strong! Working with many artists Nikki has created works for stage and screen and has toured the UK. Currently she is developing a new company that showcases some of the country’s best in cabaret, aerial and circus performers.

To date Nikki had been in three Quandary Productions films: ‘Time and Place’, ‘This is Good’, and most recently, ‘Mute’. She has enjoyed every role she has tackled. “I’m looking forward to what comes next with my career, it had always been varied and challenging which is great because no two week are ever the same!”







Shaun Woodgates

Shaun and Michael met in 2007, whilst studying together at the university. His involvement in all aspects of every Quandary Productions film, has been invaluable, all whilst focussing on his own writing projects, and taking on key comedic supporting roles.

“I enjoy working for Quandary Productions because they exemplify what can be accomplished with limited resources. The team are amazing; constantly pushing the boundaries of true Independent Filmmaking; encouraging others (myself included) to get their own projects off the ground, and showing just what is possible for the rest of us to achieve. They really lead the way and I’m proud to be a part of that”.







Bethan Williams

The latest addition to the Quandary Production cast list. The Welsh-born actress has been involved with three of our releases, most notably starring in her own episode of the Web Series ‘This is Good’. Bethan brings a great fiery energy to each production and has an incredible knack for comic timing.










Liam Gilroy

Liam first worked as part of the crew on the last two feature films. It was soon apparent that in front of camera Liam had the talents of a young Bill Murray, and was soon offered more and more supporting roles. He can next be seen starring in his own episode of the Web Series ‘This is Good’

“Since helping out on the set of ‘NARCISSIST’ my view of filmmaking has changed for the better. The team have always created a brilliantly energetic and creative atmosphere and I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of that. Quandary always had a brilliant approach and attitude to filmmaking and this shows through the passion, and level of character in their work.”