In Praise Of

Nov 8, 2015
Andrew Dominik

New Zealand born, writer/director Andrew Dominik is something of an anomaly. Having made only three films –…

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As well as drawing your attention to overlooked filmmakers of the past, we also wish to point…

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Sep 3, 2015
Eric Rohmer

Eric Rohmer, an often overlooked member of the French New Wave, is a filmmaker who achieved a…

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Aug 2, 2015
Robert Altman

Though he had many ups and downs during his a career, Robert Altman was always dedicated to…

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Jul 5, 2015
Errol Morris

There’s a chance you’ve watched at least one of the documentaries created by Errol Morris, but know…

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“The high priest of head-trip cinema” (as Guardian critic Steve Rose labelled him) is the kind of…

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May 3, 2015
Wim Wenders

New German Cinema pioneer Wim Wenders has had an eclectic career.  Spanning four decades, he’s won the Palme…

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Apr 4, 2015
Xavier Dolan

Our second ‘In Praise Of’ post, in which we look to some of the overlooked filmmakers of film history (new…

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As well as shining new light on emerging filmmakers, photographers, artists, this year we’re also looking back,…

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