Sep 14, 2015

How the DJI Ronin-M and GH-4 benefited the production of ‘MUTE’

A few months ago, during the pre-production process, I mentioned how I saw ‘MUTE’ as a technical leap forward for us at Quandary Productions. We would be shooting in 4k for the first time, we had upgraded our post-production facilities and added to our equipment inventory (even more lenses and lights), but the biggest addition for us would be the DJI Ronin-M (a steadicam device – see our Facebook Page for photos). The leap between ‘NARCISSIST’ and ‘TIME AND PLACE’ saw us using our new dolly tracks, and more advanced lenses, but we were still a little behind on a technical level as far as  I was concerned. Adding the Ronin to our arsenal meant that we could add a lot more dynamic movement to our films, and initial reactions to the video below have confirmed that it was worth the investment. Check it out!