Nov 11, 2014

HUGE Changes Ahead For Quandary Productions

At Quandary Productions, we make a conscious effort to take a step forward each year; be it tackling a larger project, supporting more artists and filmmakers (or charities) than the year before, starting new film nights and competitions, expanding the team, or troupe of actors, but our latest plans will mean our biggest step yet.
With ‘TIME AND PLACE’ we feel we have pushed low-to-no-budget DSLR filmmaking as far at it can go. Over the years you will have noticed that we’ve tried various crowdfunding methods, distribution routes, spoken of our successes and failures, both during filming, and when promoting films, and we’ve been incredibly lucky to have been supported so well by audience members worldwide, crowdfunders, volunteers during filming, etc, but we’ve reached a point now where we need to take that next big leap. So (starting at the end of this month) what are these big changes you’ll be seeing over the next year?
First of all is a major improvement in equipment. Although we’ve been pleased with the quality of our work in the past (this year in particular), we really want to push forward with the visual quality of our work and (as mentioned before) we’ll be stepping away from DSLRs and basic HD. This month we’ll be getting a brand new 5k Retina Display iMac, with Adobe Creative Cloud. Once we complete our new Web Series ‘This is Good’ this month, all future projects will be shot in 4k, using Digital Cinema Cameras. Something we’re most excited for, is offering weekly work experience opportunities to students at the Lincoln College of Art and Design who are interested in filmmaking.


Quandary Productions’ Media Employment Pathway
A¬†response to the gap between media-based education, and employment within the media industry. It is our intention to create a bridge between the two, so future graduates have the work experience and references necessary to gain employment within the highly-competitive media industry. We have worked with several interns in the past three years, and they have all relayed back to us that their experience with us led directly to them gaining employment. The two key examples being Liam Gilroy and James Jackson – now working for companies such as ‘DDF Post-Production’ (Big Brother), and Digital Marketing Agency ‘Bigfoot Digital’.
In addition to all the ‘surface-value’ things mentioned above, creatively we also have several collaborations (which cannot be revealed publicly as of yet) and many projects lined up – including a series pilot, a short film collection, and of course ‘Spectrum’ – the obligatory annual feature film (to be shot in the Summer). So 2015 will be the start of ‘Phase Two’ for Quandary Productions. A banner year, and one we cannot wait to get started!

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