Nov 22, 2014

Filming our new Web Series – Weekend Five

This week we shot the last scene of the ‘Mike’ episode of our new Web Series ‘This is Good’. It’s been a long haul, shooting the series. We’ve seen various delays and complications along the way (we started shooting August 9th), but one thing hasn’t changed one bit – the enjoyment of both cast and crew at every stage. This week we filmed a moment which, all those involved, will never be able to forget – an incredibly dark shot which feels like a moment in a David Lynch film….you’re going to be scarred.
Along with all the positivity, we come to a sadder moment – saying goodbye to Angel Coffee House (apart from running ‘UNTITLED’ Film Night, and being in there once a week to hang out). It’s been a great location, and we need to say a final thank you to the incredibly supporting folks at the Coffee House, namely CJ, who let us film whenever we wanted, trusting us to lock and tidy up at the end of our (usually overrunning) shoots. Greatly appreciated by all of us!
We’ve also made a radical change to the final episode (no details to be revealed until release – we’re keeping this one close to the chest). The final episode of the series has seen various forms, but I’m confident the latest changes (due to scheduling conflicts and recasting) have led us to a stronger episode, and indeed more interesting character. Along with bumping up production value next year, we’re also looking to really push ourselves content-wise too. We’re pleased with the work we’ve made so far, but we know we can always do better, and me and Tom are going to be extra critical of each others writing to strengthen future projects, to ensure the cinematic elements don’t stand out over the content (something we continue to firmly believe, is more important anyway).

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