Oct 23, 2014

‘TIME AND PLACE’ Final Cut Complete

Finally, the time has come! After months of hard work ‘TIME AND PLACE’ is finalised, exported, and sent off for DVD batch production. We premiere the film in one week, crowdfunders can expect their DVDs a day or two earlier next week, and we’re very excited about the ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ release (November 1st).
It’s a massive weight off my mind now it’s all complete (although I may make a few minor tweaks here and there if necessary, before festival submissions). From now on it’s all about promotion of the premiere and release. This week alone we’ve been nailing interviews (we will post links when they are available), putting up posters, and responding to questions for articles. It’s really refreshing to talk about why you’re doing what you’re doing, what’s inspired you, and what you intend to do in the future. It’s a welcome reminder, a nice nudge in the right direction, and also, once you get going on the subject, it turns out it’s quite inspiring for others too. We’ve been hearing nothing but good things about our approach/ethos, the support we offer others worldwide, the monthly film night we run, and also about the trailer for ‘TIME AND PLACE’ too. Everyone seems suitably hooked. So, come release day, we’ll just have to make sure we prompt people to watch the film, spread the word, and keep the ball rolling.
There’s nothing worse than finishing a project and then stopping. I’m already lining up the first draft of ‘SPECTRUM’ – our next feature film (to be shot Summer 2015), filming is coming to an end on our Web Series ‘THIS IS GOOD’. Something that’s come up in interviews recently, when talking about advice for other filmmakers, is that you can’t/shouldn’t stop. After our first feature, I took a week off from working towards making something, and felt miserable. We’ve learnt now that it takes a good year or so for the film, once finished, to reach festivals, and future/broader audiences. You have to have a plan to fill that time, and preparing for the next big project, is arguably the best thing you can do.
So, expect to hear more regarding ‘SPECTRUM’ in the coming weeks. For those in the Lincoln area, come on down to the Lincoln School of Film & Media ‘Meet the Graduates’ event next Wednesday for some networking and Q&As regarding creative filmmaking, advice, and opportunities. I’ll be there promoting the film and offering words of wisdom. Look forward to seeing you there.
In the mean time, don’t forget to familiarise yourself with how you’ll be able to access the film November 1st on this site, and below is an image from the film to whet your appetites for the film that little bit more.

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