Oct 27, 2014

Pre-order dates and when Crowdfunders can expect DVDs

First of all a massive thankyou to everyone who contributed to the crowdfunding of ‘TIME AND PLACE’ last year. Without you, the film would never have been made. We are picking up the boxes of DVDs tomorrow and all you lovely crowdfunders can expect your DVDs arriving in the post before the premiere on Saturday, and emails with direct links to the On Demand option (if that’s the perk you chose) on Thursday!
For all those who missed out on the advanced opportunity of last year’s crowdfunding, there will be a pre-order option arriving Thursday also. Pre-orders will be delivered next week. DVDs will be on sale for £6. Don’t forget, also, our ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ release on the same day, in which you will have the option of a minimum £1 purchase, with unlimited access to the film online, but also if you wish to support us further you can pay more at point-of-purchase, or even once you’ve seen the film, as we will keep the donation button to hand.
Just a quick reminder for all that the premiere will be taking place Saturday November 1st at The Collection, Lincoln, 1pm. All are welcome, but be warned it’s for mature audiences only (so under 18s probably shouldn’t be brought along). Please arrive before 1pm, as this will be when the screening starts. We will also be holding a brief, informal Q&A / networking opportunity afterward.
SYNOPSIS: When scientists reveal the universe has stopped expanding, and will soon begin to contract, time collapses for one man. Things lose their meaning, and moral boundaries seem absurd. ‘TIME AND PLACE’ is a low-budget epic in which one man has to come to terms with the consequences of his actions, knowing that some day all that surrounds him will cease to exist.

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