Oct 13, 2014

Filming our new Web Series – Weekend Four

We are now two thirds of the way through our new series ‘THIS IS GOOD’. After a few minor delays, thanks to illnesses, interfering work commitments, etc, we’re back in the thick of filming. All going well, we should be finished in under one months time. Although we’ve come across a few potential future delays because of work commitments of a couple of cast members, we are still looking at an early November wrap date for the shoot. Since the last Production Blog Post regarding the shoot, we’ve completed episodes for two more of the characters, rewritten the final episode and recast one of the parts (more information next week).
The final cut of ‘TIME AND PLACE’ reaches its final couple of days (DVDs will be batch produced next week, and we’ll be releasing the film Saturday November 1st On Demand and DVD, through a ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ release).
Since the first half of filming the series we’ve seen a nice change in tone for each of the characters, as they appear in the episodes of other characters. Jonny Gillard, Lewis Troughton and Bethan Williams all have their own complications in their episodes, but whether they be comedic, romantic, or horrific, as we meet them later in the series their in uniquely different scenarios, and it’s been a pleasure to watch them all show new sides to their characters. I’m sure it’ll be appreciated come January time when we release the series (half of the episodes already have rough cuts completed, thanks to the hard-working Tom Bridger – Writer / Director / Editor)
On a side note – don’t forget this Thursday (16th) we’re running UNTITLED: Independent Film Night again at Angel Coffee House, Lincoln – a free night of short films from around the world, showcasing the best independent shorts to fresh audiences. When first starting out as a filmmaker it can be hard to get your work shown. This is something we wish to remedy within the local area. We are accepting submissions for October’s ‘UNTITLED’. Please contact us if you have a film you wish to submit for the November Film Night.

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