Sep 1, 2014

Filming our new Web Series – Weekend Two

Another week, another bizarre series of events on a Quandary Productions shoot…
This time we were shooting with Quandary regulars Shaun Woodgates and Nikki Mclusky. ‘Dangerous’, ‘Disgusting’, ‘Dank’…just a few words I’d use to describe Tom Bridger’s direction…oh, and the content of most of the scenes we filmed this week.
Earlier in the week we shot with the lovely/talented Jonny Gillard and Bethany Parrott, and produced some of the darkest comedy moments you’re ever likely to see in one of our releases. Something we’re really enjoying is how much further everyone is taking the material, elevating it from funny and mildly uncomfortable, to full-on cringe-worthy and hysterical (can’t wait to see reactions to so many moments).
I can’t say much about what we shot due to the fact it’d be spoiler-heavy (keywords include: Wrestling / Spitting, / Mandela / Vodka). It’s fair to say we shot most of the bits we were looking forward to most this week though. Well done to Beth (first time acting, splendid work), to Jonny (for being a good sport and having some horrific things done to him), and to Shaun and Nikki (our two most reliable supporting actors – willing to go that bit further every single time – especially physically). They both left the day bruised, exhausted, feeling like they’d done too much…and all for our benefit.
The last scene we shot on the Sunday (thanks again to CJ at Angel Coffee House, Lincoln for letting us film at her wonderful coffee shop – do check it out) came with a very unique problem. The first time (which is surprising considering how long we’ve been doing this now) that this has ever happened – a bee got in to the location and would not leave us alone. This slowed down a relatively simply scene (about a page in the script) to the point where we spent longer waiting for it to stay still (high ceilings were a problem) than we did filming. Still, we powered ahead undeterred (as always) and got some great footage.
Another success. We’ve filmed roughly a sixth of the series so far, and it’s all looking great. We can’t wait to unleash it on you at the end of the year!

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