Aug 11, 2014

Filming our new Web Series – Weekend One

Shooting began on our new web series ‘THIS IS GOOD’ this weekend. That’s one episode (of seven) out of the way now. It was great fun from start to finish. The sun was out and we took advantage on the Saturday. Every shot was a joy to film and a lovely reminder of why we do what we do. If we could, we’d film a new project every month continuously, we enjoy it so much, but alas, we have to edit, promote, and plan the next project between each shoot.
Sunday presented a few minor problems because of the weather, but we were able to improvise and move a scene down a corridor, away from the rain, and continue (ahead of schedule). Special thanks to Rosie Ablewhite and Lincoln Art Works (check them out) for letting us film there on Sunday. It’s a great location and really adds to the quality of the series. The centre-point of the episode, and the situation which we knew would require the most energy, persistence and skill, was a five minute long, single take, dialogue scene, beginning with a long, long tracking shot. It took over two hours to shoot, but is well worth it (the bar has been set for the rest of the series, with regards to both performance and visual quality).
Thanks to Lewis Troughton and Bethan Wiliams for taking part in the episode (they’ll be appearing in other episodes too), and most of all thank you to the wonderful Liam Gilroy, who travelled from Barnsley to be a part of another of our projects. He excelled himself in his role and his episode will no doubt be a highlight of the series.
For those unfamiliar with what ‘HAPPY(?)’ is, here’s some more information:
SYNOPSIS: It’s difficult to tell what happiness actually means in the modern age. Romance? Career? Not having tea spat on your face? Take a look into the lives of our characters as they try to figure it out (or not), as they try to navigate their way through the mid-twenties crisis. Comedy Drama Web Series.


Kath – Nikki Mclusky
Shaun – Shaun Woodgates
Cheryl – Bethan Williams
Dan – Jonny Gillard
Laura – Beth Parrott
Mike – Michael Henry
Liam – Liam Gilroy
LL – Lewis Troughton
Dave – Joel Dunn
Christian – Tom Bridger
Al – Stuart Almond


Tom Bridger – Writer / Director / Sound / Editor
Michael Henry – Producer / Cinematographer


Ep1 – KATH
Ep2 – MIKE
Ep3 – DAN
Ep5 – LIAM
Ep7 – ANNE
We plan to shoot the rest of the series from now until December, and release an episode a week at the start of 2015 (all this whilst putting the finishing touches on ‘TIME AND PLACE’ and writing the sixth feature film ‘SPECTRUM’). Lots for you lovely people to look forward to!

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