Mar 18, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Nineteen

The penultimate day and a half of the shoot. We were focussing on the final few pickup shots, which took us all over Lincoln (shooting crowd scenes guerrilla-style in the centre of town was interesting). The harder work came in the form of the Saturday shoot in which good chum Andrew Beeken drove us all over the outskirts of the county to get some additional shots for bridging scenes (much appreciated). The biggest problems with these shots was the lack of control over passing traffic (obviously we’re not quite operating at a level in which we can block off roads for our shoots yet). This led to a few sound and patience issues, but we had plenty of time planned for the day and finished ahead of schedule, with a few hours to spare. We shot some additional coverage of Shaun Woodgates chasing me in the nearby Arboretum, and then we had to wait for it to get dark, so we could film the final catch-up shots of a drunken downfall night montage.
Now that 99% of the film is complete it’s a strange feeling. It’s taken us two months and the end has felt out of reach for quite some time now. Just one more half day of filming to go now. Roll on Thursday. Then it’ll finally be wrapped.
Here’s our final behind the scenes video (a final goodbye):

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