Mar 9, 2014

Postponed shoot – TIME AND PLACE

Unfortunately, for various reasons – including lack of transport, crew being called away for other work, and inconsistent weather, we’ve had to postpone the final two days of the shoot to next Friday and Saturday. It’s incredibly frustrating having to wait two weeks to finally finish something we’ve been shooting for two months, and personally working on for over a year. Added to the fact that my laptop died during the shoot and I’m having to wait for the fancy new iMac to arrive, I’m finding it hard to stay productive. Once the new equipment is here and the final two days are done I’ll be a lot more focussed, and as a result, a happier chap. So close to being finished now..
There will be one final behind the scenes video, the week after, so there’s something to look forward to. For those who’ve not seen it yet, here’s the Behind the Scenes Video for Week Four:

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