Feb 22, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Seventeen

Our last day filming with Heather May was a steadily-paced selection of mini scenes, mostly moments for a mid-film montage. First off we welcomed back Sasha Drennan (see: ‘I WORK’ & ‘NARCISSIST’) for a few shots, which will serve as part of a flashback sequence. It’ll be the nicest moment in the film (the rest is fairly dark). We shot most of the scene out of sequence so Sasha could head off, leaving my reaction shots till last. For the first time during the shoot I really struggled (if just for a moment) with the performance. As I was in such a good mood, having filmed all the major scenes, enjoyed some nice weather for a change, and feeling inspired by a conversation we had the night before about future projects, I had to head in the opposite direction to dredge up some melancholy emotions. We got there in the end though, and all the footage looks incredible.
TIME AND PLACE Day Seventeen
After lunch we filmed a few short improvised moments for the montage sequence and that was that. Week over. It was like a massive weight had been lifted (even though we still have a couple more full days to shoot). The journey back from my grandparents’ bungalow to my house was a beautiful thing. We knew we’d got what we needed, the stress was gone, the sun was out, we’d done it. We’ve shot 90% of the film and it’s been as great as I hoped. Thanks again to my Grandad for supplying transport throughout the week. Greatly appreciated. And of course, thank you to Heather May for staying an extra day to keep us on track and getting stuck in with her role. As always, it’s been a pleasure.
So what now? Well, we’ve had to postpone one half day of filming due to transport issues, and combine two half days into one full day next week, so (hopefully) we’ll be finished on Tuesday. But what’s next once the film is complete you ask? Well, exciting times again. I can reveal I have an idea for our sixth feature film and I’m letting that idea wander round my brain to develop. I had considered making this my last feature (possibly ever at one point) for a few years, and build towards a big, higher-budget feature, perhaps in a different style to what we’ve done before, however I remembered the life I wanted to live, the goals I’d always wanted to aspire to, and once the idea hit me I knew I just had to do it. Like the deceased German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, I want to make as many films as I can, get involved in as many art forms as possible, and have a huge body of work that I’m proud of, before I reach the end of my life (and inspire others to do the same).
*More details next month on future projects*

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