Feb 19, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Fourteen

We started our fourteenth day with an emotionally-heavy scene, which ended up being relatively cathartic. As we only had three (large) scenes scheduled for the day, it was quite refreshing to get the more emotionally-draining scene out of the way first, and as the focus of the scene was dragging yourself out of an emotional low point, back to a point of love and caring, it was quite a pleasant experience from an acting point of view.


After lunch we focused on our first physical fight scene of the film (and of our entire filmography). For those wondering why we have suddenly turned all actiony, worry not, the fight will be a messy, often humorous, moment in the film, which comes out of nowhere (we know what we’re doing). It was good fun, running through what we were going to do, organising how we would do it, and of course actually doing it. The only (minor) downsides to shooting the scene were the injuries I sustained. At the start of the scene I have a fall, and during the fight there were a fair few headlocks and face smudges so a bruised bum cheek, scratched ear and lump on my head were to be expected I suppose.
After three hours of pushing and shoving each other around we went straight into the next scene. We were all exhausted after the scene previous, and regardless of the fact we were sat throughout the final scene of the day we were still all drained (the full day of filming planned for the following day would no doubt be as fun and exhausting). Our final scene of the day was an awkwardly funny scene which will stand out as a favourite for those who see the film and us too because of the timing of several moments, but one in particular (a gross-out moment to rival some of our finest).
All in all a good, but exhausting day. It only lasted about 7 hours, but that was more than enough to drain us completely. Perhaps having to stretch the schedule by an extra day, and filming for shorter periods each day was a blessing in disguise. I was feeling more exhausted than I ever had in my life before we started this week of filming, four full days would’ve probably finished me off.

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