Feb 26, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Eighteen

This was by far one of the most enjoyable days of the shoot. The sun was out, we took our time filming a few complicated shots, surrounded by my closest friends, having a laugh. In the morning we were shooting a couple of minor scenes, involving a lot of dolly track, intricate movements and complicated facial movements (courtesy of Jonny Gillard and Lewis Troughton). We sailed through all these, and filmed enough behind the scenes footage to create a separate faux-documentary (most likely released nearer the time of the film itself is finished).
In the evening we covered our first exterior night shots (as part of a downfall montage). Our second fight of the film was also shot, and it’s a lot more raw and scrappier than the first. We’re very proud. Tom seemed most pleased by the fact that I actually got punched in the stomach and I was bleeding from the mouth (yeah thanks Lewis…). Having secured some portable LED light panels to shoot at night, thanks to James Jackson, the remainder of the evening was as easy-going and enjoyable as the rest of the day. All the footage is still looking great and we’re continuing our roll.
It’s weird reaching the final day or two of the shoot. Last week, once Heather left, felt like the end of the shoot. We’d covered all the dialogue-heavy, fuller scenes. The remainder of the shoot is catch-up shots and micro-scenes as part of montages. It feels like the end is getting dragged out somewhat, mostly thanks to the erratic weather conditions. We had to postpone the first half of the shoot the day after as the weather looked like it would interrupt. Almost there now though…
For those who’ve not seen it yet, here’s the Behind the Scenes Video for Week Four:

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