Jan 28, 2014

Third Productions

Third Productions is an independent art production house with an emphasis on creating progressive media. From short films to plays and musical compositions to digital art Third has an ever growing archive of work to be seen.


Professional Statement

“Third Productions is an honest attempt at honest work. Our web site is broken down into four distinct categories, and within them (Writing, Art, Film, and Music) you will find various projects that Third has created.
We also present live events and information about these shows can be
found in the Events category. Live shows include any number of the arts:
music, live paintings,three projectors, original short films, and art prize giveaways.
Much could be said about Third, but the best way to understand what we do
and what we believe in is to browse the site and see what we have to offer.”

LUCIDITY (Web Series)

Lucidity is a metaphysical comedy web series produced by Third Productions. The program was created and written by Sean Oliver and Danny Torgersen, who co-star as George (Torgersen) and Jason (Oliver) on a zero-dollar budget. Lucidity made its debut at The Future Phoenix, a rock concert headed by Third Productions that took place at the Marquee Theater on January 2, 2010. It quickly hit the internet, using vimeo, on January 4, 2010. Since then, the episodes have continued to be posted on video hosting sites such as vimeo, youtube, and daily motion, as well as the official Lucidity website. The webisodes were later made available for download on iTunes. Lucidity was recently featured in the L.A. Web Series Festival 2011, where episodes One and Three were screened. Winning The Saga a total of three awards for Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Special Effects, and Outstanding Editing.

To see more of Third Productions, please visit www.thirdproductions.com

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