Jan 30, 2014

Shooting TIME AND PLACE – Day Eight

As the poor weather conditions start to creep in, the possibility of a disrupted shoot begins to set in. There had been warnings of snow (which would obviously destroy our continuity and make it near-impossible to shoot exterior shots without possibly damaging equipment, and causing on-set injuries), luckily that wasn’t the case. We did however have to reschedule a lot of what we had planned for the day to the following Wednesday, just to play it safe. Once we’d got a couple of smaller shots and a micro-scene out of the way we ventured out to film our first full exterior scene of the shoot.
We had a three hour period in which to shoot before it would begin to rain, based on weather forecasts. The biggest problem we faced, besides the freezing cold temperature, was the harsh wind. We came prepared with our dead cat microphone cover (not an actual cat) and a large piece of cardboard to shield the microphone further. Carrying the dolly tracks and various other bits of equipment to the location wasn’t too bad. Standing still in the freezing cold, having to deal with the numerous sound, public, and unpredictable wind-direction problems was more taxing. It took us a couple of hours to shoot a scene that will last about 10 seconds in the final film.
We managed to amuse ourselves between takes (you’ll see from the next behind the scenes video) and tried to stay warm (though failed miserably). We also managed to get cameraman Liam Gilroy in front of camera for a brief cameo (if you’ve not yet seen him in ‘FLAT’, give it a watch – he’s a scene-stealer). Once we got the scene shot we struggled to make our way back, completely frozen (looking forward to this weekend filming outside…). Once we had thawed out, we decided to film a mid-shoot interview, which will be released soon (with more to come). So plenty for you all to look forward to. Still running quite smoothly, hopefully the weather to come won’t ruin the rest of the shoot…
If you’ve not yet seen it, here’s the second Behind the Scenes video:

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