Nov 30, 2013

Mark Slutsky

November’s Artist of the Month goes to Montreal-based Mark Slutsky for his short film ‘The Decelerators’. It’s a masterful work made with a modest budget. It’s the kind of short film that makes you want to make short films. It’s ideas driven, it looks great. It’s simple but precise, it wastes no time, and it shows great promise for future projects,
SYNOPSIS: When a group of friends confront their mortality by inventing a machine that slows down time, the results aren’t quite what they expected.
Here’s some reviews of the work:
“Mark Slutsky’s five minute short film is one of the best science fiction films I’ve ever seen. It’s also easily one of the great films of the year.”Unseen Films
“It’s moody and elegant and weird, and I really enjoyed it. You will too.” Norm Wilner, NOW
“‘The Decelerators’ is a ephemeral film which deserves praise, balancing philosophy and great cinematography. It might be just another time-travel story, but its fleeting presence lingers on way beyond the final credits.” Short Sighted Cinema
Mark directed the short film ‘Sorry, Rabbi’ and co-wrote and co-produced the feature comedy ‘Peepers’. Currently working on several other film projects.
Check out www.markslutsky.com/ for more.

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