May 16, 2013

Quandary Productions’ Big Future Plans

It’s been a while since I updated you all on our progress. Once ‘NARCISSIST’ was all neatly finished and publicly screened we began several things at once; self-distributing the film both on DVD and On Demand, applying to festivals, sending screeners to critics and contacting independent cinemas around the country. Instead of applying to festivals and then waiting several months to see if we’ve actually got in, we’ve decided to be proactive and set up our own screenings, and build up a portfolio of criticism for the film before it even gets shown in one of the many festivals we have applied to.
BUT, this isn’t the big news! Our more exciting news is that, as of August this year, we will have a brand-spanking new office in the centre of the city! Starting the end of July, Quandary Productions will be running 5-day Screen Acting Workshops (with Tom Bridger and Charles Cromwell – more information soon), and the money from this will go toward the cost of the new workspace and more. We will also be spending A LOT on new equipment (dolly tracks, latest full-frame sensor DSLR cameras, clip on mics, and other accessories) all in time for when we shoot our next feature film ‘TIME AND PLACE’ next January.
The outline for the next film is complete and I’m currently working on the first draft.
Our plan is to expand Quandary Productions over the next year to offer internships, offer equipment rental services and run other monthly workshops (screenwriting, directing, introduction to filmmaking, basic school/education packages for under 18s). Our larger goal is to eventually be operating at a level whereby we can offer grants/financial support for other aspiring filmmakers to help make their dream projects a reality.
Lots more to come…

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