Dec 5, 2011

Music and Film I Can’t Live Without

Having recently sold off the majority of our furniture, and started to pack most of our possessions away, before we leave the country for several months, I was faced with the task of choosing which DVDs and Blu-Rays I couldn’t pack away as I would most likely watch them before we left, and which Films and Music to take with us whilst we are away. Now, seven months is a long time, so narrowing down which artist’s music I felt I couldn’t live without from over 400, and which films I felt the same way about from over 900, presented itself as a very tough challenge. Given that Film is my passion and I love my Music almost as much, this was not easy.
So, of the Films and Music I’ve decided to keep/take, here’s the choices I feel I can’t live without:


– Mean Streets
– The Godfather
– Hunger
– Tree of Life
– Taxi Driver
– The Graduate
– Sideways
– Withnail & I
– 2001: A Space Oddysey
– Mulholland Drive
– Annie Hall
– The Lives of Others
– Magnolia
– Apocalypse Now
– Lost in Translation
– Fight Club
– Blue Velvet
– Half Nelson
– One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest



– Radiohead
– Bob Dylan
– The Clash
– Elliott Smith
– Nick Cave
– The Beatles
– Tom Waits
– Crystal Castles
– The Smiths
– Leonard Cohen
– Arcade Fire
– The Libertines
– David Bowie
– Nirvana
– Jimi Hendrix
– Broken Social Scene
– Led Zeppelin
– Pink Floyd
– Simon and Garfunkel


What would be your “desert island” choices?

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