Oct 3, 2011

100 Interesting Words

1. Agrestic – means Rude
2. Alexithymia – means Inability to Describe Emotions in a Verbal Manner
3. Algedonic – means Pertaining to Both Pleasure and Pain
4. Ameliorate – means To Make Better, to Improve To heal or solve a problem
5. Apolaustic – means Devoted to Enjoyment
6. Apraxia – means Total or Partial Loss of the Ability to Perform Coordinated Movements or Manipulate Objects In the absence of motor or sensory impairment
7. Ardor – means A Great Warmth of Feeling; Fervor; Passion
8. Arrogate – means To Lay Claim to Without Justification; As in a US President arrogating the power of Congress to declare war
9. Asinine – means Utterly Stupid The noun form is ‘asininity’.
10. Avarice – means An Excessive or Inordinate Desire of Gain Greediness after wealth; covetousness; cupidity.
11. Avoirdupois – means Weight, Heaviness “Yet until middle age and avoirdupois overtook her, Mary was no slouch.”-John Updike
12. Avolition – means Lack of Initiative or Goals
13. Bacchanalia – means Drunken Behaviour
14. Ballyhoo – means Sensational or Clamorous Advertising or Publicity
15. Balter- means To Dance Clumsily
16. Bathos – means Anticlimax With Humorous Effect, Spurious Pathos; Triteness
17. Bedizen – means Dress Gaudily
18. Bellicose – means Warlike in Nature; Aggressive; Hostile From the Latin ‘bellum’ meaning war.
19. Bellwether – means Anything That Indicates Future Trends
20. Bestir – means To Put Into Brisk or Vigorous Action
21. Biblioclasm – means Destruction of Books; Destructive Criticism of Bible
22. Blandiloquence – means complimentary Language or Speech
23. Blandish – means To Coax With Gentle Persuasion.
24. Blarney – means the Ability to Talk Constantly; Persuasive Flattery
25. Bleb – means A Blister or Bubble
26. Blind Freddy – means An Imaginary Incapacitated Person
27. Bloviate – means To Speak or Discourse at Length in a Pompous or Boastful Manner
28. Boondoggle – means A Waste of Time And/or Money. A pointless activity
29. Bumbershoot – means an Umbrella
30. Burke – means Murder Without Leaving a Trace on the Body
31. Cachexia – means A General Wasting of the Body
32. Cachinnator – means One Who Laughs Too Often or Too Loud
33. Caesura – means A Pause or Interruption in a Poem, Music, Building or Other Work of Art
34. Caitiff – means A Despicable Coward
35. Callipygian – means Having Well-formed Buttocks
36. Calumny – means Defamation. Also called vilification, slander or libel. A falsification or misrepresentation intended to disparage or discredit another
37. Casuistry – means Solving of Moral Dilemmas by the Application of General Principles of Ethics
38. Catty-corner – means DiagonalOr as an adverb: in a diagonal position.
39. Clancular – means Done or Kept in Secret
40. Clandestine – means Done or Kept in Secret Sometimes to conceal an illicit or improper purpose.
41. Cockalorum – means A Little Man With an Unduly High Opinion of Himself
42. Confabulate – means To Chat
43. Crapulous – means Sick from Excessive Indulgence in Drinking or Eating Surcharged with liquor; alcoholism; drunk; given to excesses
44. Deipnosophist – means One Who Excels at Conversations at the Dinner Table
45. Desiderium – means An Ardent Longing for a Thing Lost, Such as youth
49. Desuetude – means The State of Being No Longer Used or Practiced
50. Egregious means Outstandingly Bad
51. Expurgate – means To Edit out Rude, Incorrect, Offensive, Useless, or Otherwise Undesirable Information To cleanse; to purge.
52. Felicificability – means Capacity for Happiness
53. Flibbertigibbet – means A Flighty or Silly or Excessively Talkative Person
54. Floccinaucinihilipilification – means the Concept That Something is Worthless ‘Flok-sih-noh-see-Nee-hee-lee-Pee-lih-fih-Kay-shun’
55. Foment – means To Instigate or Foster Discord or Rebellion
56. Gauche – means Awkward or Lacking in Social Graces; Bumbling
57. Gimcrack – means Showy but of Poor Quality; Worthless
58. Gobemouche – means One Who Believes Any Absurdity
59. Homodoxian – means A Person Who Has the Same Opinion As You
60. Inanition – means Mental or Spiritual Hollowness
61. Induratize – means To Harden the Heart. As in to make stubborn, insensitive or callous
62. Internecine – means Mutually Destructive Most often applied to warfare
63. Iterative – means Repetitious
64. Jejune – means Childish
65. Jingoism – means Excessive Patriotism or Aggressive Nationalism Advanced chauvinism
66. Jocoserious – means Half Serious and Half in Jest
67. Lamia – means Female Enchantress or Demon
68. Lilliputian – means A Very Small Person or Being
69. Logolepsy – means An Obsession With Words
70. Masticate – means To Chew
71. Matutinal – means Active or Wide Awake in the Morning
72. Maunder – means To Speak in a Disorganized or Desultory Manner. To babble, prattle, or ramble.
73. Mendacious – means Untruthful
74. Micturient – means having a Strong Desire to Urinate
75. Mollify – means To Soften in Feeling or Temper Pacify; appease
76. Nihilarian – means One Who Deals With Things of No importance
77. Noceur – means A Late-night Person. As in a party animal
78. Odalisque – means A Female Slave or Concubine in a Harem
79. Panurgic – means Ready for Anything
80. Pariah – means Social Outcast
81. Peccability – means The Capacity for Sinning
82. Pejorist – means One Who Thinks the World is Getting Worse
83. Philodox – means A Person in Love With His Own Opinion
84. Poltroon – means An Abject Coward
85. Poobah – means A Person Holding Multiple Offices or positions of Power, All at the same time.
86. Postprandial – means after a Meal
87. Pulchritudinous – means Having Great Physical Beauty or Appeal
88. Quean – means Virago; Lewd Woman; Unmarried Woman or Girl
89. Rapin – means An Unruly Art Student
90. Sapient – means Wise; Pretending to Be Wise
91. Sciolism – means Pretentious Superficial Knowledge
92. Sidereal – means Pertaining to the Stars
93. Solivagant – means A Person Who Wanders Alone
94. Somnificator – means One Who Induces Sleep in Others
95. Stegophilist – means One Who Climbs Buildings for Fun
96. Tatterdemalion – means A Person Wearing Ragged or Tattered Clothing
97. Temerity – means Behavior Which is Foolishly Bold
98. Unasinous – means Being Equal in Stupidity
99. Usufruct – means the Right to Enjoy Property
100. Zabernism – means The Misuse of Military Power

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